Frequent asked questions.

Can I buy more images of my pet?
You sure can.

How can I choose them?
Click on your pets name, write down the number(s) you like and email them to Dimitri.

How much do they cost?
We charge after the event $20 for the first 5 images and $15 for the 6th image onwards.

How long will it take?
2-3 working days.

I like an image but there is a hand in the image?
Anything that should not be in the photograph will be taken out, unless something goes right over the desired object.

I like an image but the colour does not seem right?
Images will be colour corrected. The Image galleries are done with a generic colour balance. Once you order your image, we adjust every image manually.

How can I pay?
Check the Terms and Condition for payment option.

Does all the money still go 100% to charity?
Yes, our aim is to rescue abandoned animals.

Can I still order a canvas of my favourite image?
Yes, you can order it directly with us, as we get another 20% donated to Sydney Pet Rescue from Framing Corner.

Terms and Conditions apply.